The Italian Stallion from Wally Hatchet’s is a Damn Good Sandwich

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Plus! They have corn nuggets! I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Wally Hatchet’s is located on Summer Avenue in Memphis, between Elmore and Whitten. I’ve driven past it a lot of times since I moved to Bartlett, but I hadn’t ever stopped to try it out until today. I ordered ahead and made the short drive over to pick it up. The place is located in a strip mall on Summer Avenue, just east of Elmore rd.

The place is a lot nicer inside than I assumed. I guess I’m still a downtown snob at heart. They have it setup with just a few tables and no bar seating for now, but I definitely want to come back when the bar is open again, the cocktail menu looked fun.

The place is also larger than I thought. It’s like two spots wide in the strip mall, with a large dining room off to the side of the main room.

So yeah, overall looking forward to being able to actually eat here (and have too many drinks and make Daisy drive home) but for now, takeout will have to do (they’re actually open for dine-in, and the place is big enough to be properly distanced, but Daisy has some health problems, so we’re not taking any chances). The food was ready like a minute after I walked in the door, and I promptly delivered it to my home. Ava got the kids chicken tenders with fries and honey mustard. She looked pretty pleased when she saw them.

I tried one of the tenders with honey mustard, you know, for science, and they were good. Decent seasoning, and the honey mustard had a good amount of flavor. I might be nuts, but it actually tastes like they make it there. I kinda hate having to do takeout because I can’t ask these hard hitting questions, but whatever, I’m a good guesser. She ate them all, and she eats like a bird, so she liked them too.

I got the cheeseburger and fries, mostly because I was just seriously in the mood for a burger.

It’s a solid burger, pretty much exactly what you expect when you order a burger. Nothing super fancy or crazy, just a good solid burger. I LOVE red onion, and they put quite a few thick slices on it, so that won points from me. I would guess it’s around 4 or 5oz, which is about the perfect size for me. I can’t deal with those monstrous burgers that don’t fit in your mouth. They mess up the ratio of meat to toppings and bread. THE RATIO MUST BE PRESERVED!

The fries are good too. Seasoned fries are second only to curly fries in my French Fry Hierarchy, and these are good seasoned fries.

Daisy was really the winner today though. She opted for the Italian Stallion. A pot roast sandwich on crusty bread. It was totally the star out of the things we ordered.

This is totally the thing to get here. The bread is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, AND it’s toasted, this gives it the ability to stand up to the juices from the pot roast. The meat itself is nicely seasoned, I get a little bit of pepper in it. Overall, it’s a damn good sandwich, though I would probably be an ass and get it with no mayo and red onion instead of tomatoes. Whatever you get on it, just try it out, it’s awesome.

She also had the sense to get corn nuggets instead of fries. I almost changed my order to also get corn nuggets, but I figured we should get both so that we could try both. I made a huge mistake. The fries are good, but corn nuggets are the kind of sides. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have corn nuggets, I feel super bad for you. Corn nuggets consist of battered and deep fried creamed corn. If you’ve never had corn nuggets, they sound INSANE, at least up until the point you try one, then you will be hooked. I’m reasonably sure that all corn nuggets contain a small amount of cocaine, like old school Coca Cola, because there’s absolutely no way you can eat just one of them.

So my hot take is this: get the Italian stallion, throw the mayo in the garbage where it belongs, and get the corn nuggets as your side. Based on our admittedly small sample size, there’s really no way to go wrong because everything was very good, but the Italian Stallion is on another level. And get mayo on it if you like it, it’s a free country. I’ll just think less of you as a person.

I’m gonna come back soon, because their breakfast menu looks amazing too. Any place I can get biscuits and gravy is a good place.

Wally Hatchet’s
6439 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN 38134