The Fried Shrimp Taco from Elena’s is Absolutely Amazing on a Hot Summer Day.

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Not even gonna lie, I totally dropped the ball on the photos on this one. I was hot and exhausted from working on a car, and I was starving. I didn’t really review the photos before I devoured my food, and I don’t honestly like them.

I guess I’ll have to go back and get more shrimp tacos, horror of horrors!

Anyway, Elena’s has two Memphis Area locations, one by Wolfchase, and one at the corner of Summer Ave and Raleigh-Lagrange. I went to the one on Summer avenue. They have a wide variety of stuff, including a lot of California style stuff, which is awesome for me, because I totally miss California style Mexican. Today though, I’m all about the shrimp taco. Since we’re still undergoing a pandemic, I called in my order and picked it up. They have a really good setup for that, with the inside closed and a service window on the side of the building.

You either call in your order, or order at the window on the right, then pick it up from a slide out drawer where you see the “Keep Clear” sign in the photo above. Pretty nice, and makes me feel better about picking up food.

Speaking of food, OH MY GOD GET THE SHRIMP TACO. The fried shrimp taco has shrimp, cabbage, pico de Gallo, and “Secret Sauce”. I can’t nail down what exactly is in the secret sauce, but as soon as we can actually dine in, I will see if I can get any answers. It looks like a crema, but to both me and Daisy it tastes like it has a cheese element to it. Whatever it is, it’s delicious on the shrimp taco. Get some of the green hot sauce and dump it on the taco and you’re good to go.

Something about the cool, crisp veggies paired with the fried shrimp and the sauce is just so damn satisfying on a hot day. These are also pretty decent sized tacos. Elena’s street tacos (also very tasty) are on the smaller tortillas, but the shrimp taco comes on a larger one and it’s pretty well loaded up as you can see. Each one of mine had 3 or 4 big shrimp on it. I would say that most people would be totally satisfied by 2 or 3 tacos, depending on how hungry they are. When I go back, if I can resist the shrimp tacos, I’ll get either the California burrito or carne asada fries, both are very much California Mexican food staples, and both are very well done at Elena’s. Here are some disappointing pictures.

I’ll be back soon though, hopefully before I’m at the point of starvation, and I’ll take better pics. I can think of worse things than having a reason to eat at Elena’s again.