Taqueria Mexico Express on Whitten has an Excellent Pastor Quesadilla. – Memphis, TN

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I got stuck on the idea of tacos last night. Someone on a local Facebook group posted that there was a new taco place open. It’s called Pepe’s Taco’s To Go. I found them at the corner of Kirby Whitten and Star Valley Drive in Bartlett. Unfortunately, they’re not actually open yet.

Undeterred, I had ALSO heard that there was a good taco truck just a couple of blocks away, at Whitten and Reese, called Taqueria Mexico Express. They were very much open. It’s a bright yellow truck in the parking lot of the gas station at the north east corner of Whitten and Reese.

I walked up and ordered 3 chicken tacos, 3 asada tacos, and a pastor quesadilla. That’s not actually what I received, but I’ll get to that. The total came to $17, which isn’t bad at all for the amount of food. They told me the food would be ready in 15 minutes and I hung out at the picnic tables beside the truck since there was no one else there and being outdoors in public is a novelty these days.

About 5 minutes later, they told me the food was ready, and I grabbed it and ran home. I actually ended up getting 3 asada tacos, 3 pastor tacos, and a pastor quesadilla. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, because the pastor is by far the tastiest thing on the menu.

It also came with 2 cups of red sauce and 2 cups of light green sauce. The red sauce is kinda spicy, but the green sauce is deceptively spicy. It looks like avocado sauce, which is typically very mild and creamy, but it actually seems to be a green pepper sauce, it has quite a kick. I liked it a lot, but Daisy was NOT impressed when she covered her taco with avocado sauce and took a bite only to find out it’s a LOT hotter than she anticipated. I say if you like spicy food, go with the green sauce. If you don’t, maybe try the red sauce, but it’s definitely hotter than a typical mild sauce. I ended up using both on the taco I tried.

Speaking of tacos, we ordered some chicken tacos but actually got pastor tacos. This wasn’t a bad thing, the pastor ended up being our favorite protein, and the tacos al pastor ended up being Daisy’s favorite overall. We also got some asada tacos, but the jury was split on them. I felt like they were pretty good. Daisy thought they were okay but nothing special. I say if you’re here and just dying for some carne asada tacos, go ahead and get them, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

For me, the obvious winner was the pastor quesadilla. The cheese balances the mild smoky spiciness of the pork amazingly well. It was a huge portion for not much money, I gave 1 out of the 4 pieces to Daisy and I’m stuffed and I only had a bite of each taco just for comparison. It’s a lot of very flavorful food for not many dollars. I think it was $5, but their prices are somewhat obscured on the truck, probably because of the rapidly changing costs of protein in the shit show that is the year 2020.

For my money, I say get the pastor quesadilla, douse that junt in the green sauce, and walk into the gas station next door and get a very large, very cold beer while they’re making your food. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I didn’t add a video to this post because looking at website analytics vs YouTube analytics, it looks like a reasonable amount of people visit the website and read the articles, but no one watches the videos. Like no one. I will likely do a vlog style video for each post anyway, and I will likely put one together for this one from the video I’ve shot already, but I’m feeling kinda lazy right now, probably because of the large amount of quesadilla I just ingested. I have been posting the videos in basically real time on my Instagram story, so follow that account if you like moving pictures posted in damn near real time.