Smackers – Bartlett, TN – 12-14-20

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Bartlett seems to be getting a ton of new restaurants lately, which is excellent for me. Post-pandemic I’ll be thrilled to travel all over the city and region, but right now having new options for take out close to home is pretty rad.

Smackers has been around for a while, I had heard of them before because the original location was close to my shop in south Memphis, but they recently moved to Barlett on Highway 64 near Kate Bond.

I’ve been craving a good burger for a couple of weeks, so I went with just a cheeseburger and fries. Daisy got the same. Ava got chicken tenders with fries because that’s apparently the only food toddlers will pick if given a choice. I decided to say “Screw a diet” and added an order of cheese sticks for us to share.

I ordered online through their website and made the short drive over to Kate Bond and 64 to pick up the food. The first thing I was greeted by as I was walking in was this sign:

If their plan was to entice me to come back for dine-in after the pandemic is over, well, it worked.

The restaurant is relatively small, but it’s very nicely decorated and modern looking.

The food was ready when I walked in, and they had a dedicated little counter area for picking up online orders which is always nice. I actually had to go stand over to the side after picking up my food to take pictures like a psycho. The things I do for you guys. Anyway, I grabbed the food and headed home.

Everything was super hot and fresh. I decided to make a little bit of effort to make my crappy take-out articles a little better and actually plated up the burgers.

Their standard cheeseburger was really good. I have no idea what kind of buns they use but I love them. They’re insanely soft on the outside and have been toasted on the inside. They almost have the texture of like a toasted Hawaiian roll or something. All the toppings tasted fresh and they honored my request for no mayo.

The fries are seasoned fries and they’re also tasty, and they were hot and fresh even after the trip home.

As I mentioned before, Ava got the tenders, and I totally sampled one. It was a pretty big order, like 5 good sized tenders. They were crispy on the outside and tasted very fresh.

I mean, chicken tenders and honey mustard aren’t exactly the height of cuisine, but I think anyone can appreciate a well executed chicken tender, and these were well executed. Ava seemed to enjoy them for sure.

The cheese sticks were standard restaurant cheese sticks. That’s not really a bad thing, it’s pretty hard to screw up cheese sticks and even the standard ones are pretty good.

The overarching theme is that everything from Smackers was tasty, hot, and fresh, even getting it for take out. I’ll definitely be back, I’m intrigued by the salmon club. If you’re in the Bartlett area, check them out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.