Miss Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza? Go Get One at Pancho’s.

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Recently, Taco Bell removed one of their best menu items, the Mexican Pizza. This was basically my go-to order when it was a fast food kinda night. If you’re craving a now-extinct mexican pizza and you live in Memphis, you’re in luck!

Turns out the Memphis Cheese Dip magnates at Pancho’s serve a mexican pizza in their restaurants. There are only a couple of them left, Summer and White Station and one in West Memphis, Arkansas. I’m old enough to have eaten at the one downtown and gotten takeout from the Pancho’s Express on Perkins, but I digress.

I placed an order to-go the other night as I was leaving work, and stoped by the Summer and White Station location to pick it up.

The food was ready when I got there and there was no one in line. Of course, I do tend to order food at odd hours. They have a dedicated takeout entrance which I really appreciate, especially during Covid.

I grabbed our order and make the short drive home. Time to dig into the Mexican pizzas.

First impressions: They’re definitely bigger than the ones from Taco Bell (RIP), they have green onions and black olives like Taco Bell’s used to have back in the day. Way more meat. Way more cheese. Way more everything.

These, unsurprisingly, are way better than the ones from Taco Bell in pretty much every way imaginable. Both quantity and quality. The tortillas taste like fresh tortillas, the toppings taste fresh, there’s a blend of cheese and a lot more of it. The sauce is relatively mild but still tasty. Overall, super impressed and I’m happy to have a way to scratch the occasional mexican pizza itch. I took mine out and plated it to get some better pictures.

If you’re craving a Mexican Pizza, you can go get your fix at Pancho’s. And I think you should.