Central BBQ – Memphis, TN – 11/20/20

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Memphis is a BBQ city, and there are really no bad choices when it comes to Memphis BBQ. Even the worst BBQ in Memphis is going to be pretty good. Everyone has their favorite place, and it can start to sound a bit like a religious discussion when people debate the pros and cons and various BBQ institutions. I basically like them all, but I will say that Central is right at the head of the pack. They’re consistently amazing and have a few Memphis-area locations.

I ordered on their website and picked it up after work. The summer avenue location has a pickup window, and my food was ready when I got there.

We all got a regular pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Daisy and I got fries, and Ava got Mac and cheese. Ava LOVES their Mac and cheese.

The BBQ is ALWAYS good here. The sauce is nice, but as their slogan says “Smoke is our sauce”, and it’s really true. The meat itself is always super flavorful to the point that you don’t need or even really want a ton of sauce on it.

I’m gonna be completely honest here, I totally dropped the ball on these pictures. I usually make an attempt to make sure my background is clean and everything is plated all nice and stuff, but this time was different. I had been at work all day and I was absolutely starving and I had been smelling BBQ in the car the whole ride home. Basically, you’re gonna have to just excuse the fact that you can see Ava’s cereal bowl in the background. I promise it had no effect on how tasty the BBQ was.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you owe it to your tastebuds to check out Central BBQ. Their BBQ chicken is also vastly underrated, and I think they have the best BBQ nachos in the game. I was in a pork mood and nachos don’t really travel that well, but still, get the nachos.