Vlog #9 – Auction cars, ordering a MegaSquirt for Project NB, my daughter is insane.

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So I attempted to do a vlog today, my insane daughter had different ideas, so I’m defaulting to text to actually say all the things I want to say.

There were two cars at the auction yesterday I was thinking of buying, an 06 Miata and an 06 WRX Sedan. The Miata went for, what I think, is stupid money; $4200 before fees for a car with a blue book clean retail value of $5k. Well okay then. The WRX was a lot more reasonable, but it went no sale at $5k, meaning that the seller didn’t accept the offer of $5k, which is what I think it’s worth and what I was willing to pay for it.

Oh well, if I’m not buying cars that means I can actually spend the money on my shitbox! I’m actually getting Project NB going in earnest. I’ve started the (seemingly) arduous process of buying a MegaSquirt ECU from MsLabs. They don’t have a storefront, so you have to email them/pm them on a forum and wait for a reply. I am currently at the waiting stage.

I want the MS3 Basic, which should more than cover my needs. I’ve spend most of today researching turbos and I think if I’m being honest with myself, the GT2554R is the best fit for me. I don’t intend to do any racing, just want a responsive, quick street car. I doubt I’ll ever car much for more than ~220rwhp for the NB because I would like this car to be my “reliable” fun car while I build other stuff and buy random sports cars from the auction.

That has me pretty well narrowed down to a Kraken Kit with a GT2554R and probably a Flyin’ Miata intercooler, since I think it will be the most bolt-on solution. I might change my mind on some of the specifics, but that’s the general path I’m going down. That should make an easy 200-225rwhp on 93 octane in a car that weighs barely over 2000 pounds, plenty of fun. Then I can move on to doing a Sloppy Mechanics style turbo LS build on my 82 C10.

Here’s a video that’s mostly Ava acting like a total lunatic. At least it’s some decent test footage for the ZV-1 ( https://amzn.to/2AOPqID ).

Oh, also, buy my RX100VII.